About the Community Fund Management Foundation

Community Fund Management Foundation also known as “CFMF” is a nonprofit, tax-exempt ((501)(c)(3)) foundation that develops and makes available several types of trusts, educational programs, and related services that enable individuals who are disabled (as defined by Social Security Administration criteria) to use private funds to enhance their quality of life while attempting to safeguard their eligibility for government benefits.Money can be requested from the trust account to pay for supplemental services, which are items or services not paid for by insurance or a government benefit program, but that provide dignity, joy, or optimism to an individual with a disability. Examples include cable TV, magazines, vacations, or medical expenses not covered by Medicaid. Attorneys are advised that the Master and Pooled Medicaid Payback Trusts and Joinders have been recently revised. Please go to the Documents page to download the new documents. Applications submitted on outdated forms will not be accepted.

CFMF Facts:

  • Established in 1993
  • A nonprofit, tax-exempt (501(c)(3)) organization
  • Establishes and administers several types of trusts, educational programs, and related services for Ohio residents with disabilities
  • Community Fund Management Foundation is the Trust Advisor
  • Equity Trust is the Trustee

What does CFMF do as the Trust Advisor?

Community Fund Management Foundation administers the trust accounts and receives requests for distributions from designated advocates. A review committee reviews all requests for distributions from an individual’s trust account to attempt to safeguard eligibility for current or future government benefits.

What does Equity Trust do as the Trustee?

Equity Trust invests the assets, processes deposits, and makes authorized distributions from existing trust accounts. Please contact CFMF or read our announcement for more information.

How long has CFMF been doing this?

In January 1996, CFMF opened its first trust account. Currently, CFMF administers approximately 3200 trust accounts for individuals with disabilities throughout Ohio. The combined market value of CFMF trusts is almost 70 million dollars.

What other organizations is CFMF associated with?

CFMF has established joinder partnerships with the following organizations:

  • Jewish Federation of Cleveland
  • The Arc of Ohio
  • Hattie Larlham
  • ADD
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